Homestar® v4

The launch of version 4, in July 2017, was a significant event. It provided an opportunity to thank the sector for their extensive input. It was also a time to note that as our communities become denser and we live in closer proximity to one another, better standards for our homes ensure improved sound insulation, lower bills, more warmth and better health outcomes for New Zealanders.

Homestar v4 includes innovation challenges that will be periodically published by NZGBC to address specific issues for which we would like to encourage innovative solutions. The first innovation challenges will be published shortly and cover areas such as affordability, highly efficient appliances, and construction project procurement. If you would like to suggest an innovation challenge, please contact us at

We are in discussions with other sponsors and supporters. If you would like to be involved in the future of housing and better quality homes, do be in touch. Email us on

Define, Design, Incentivise and Homestar® v4 event full presentation

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