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Metrapanel System Ltd


Trusted by kiwi’s for over 25 years, Metrapanel has been the preferred modular panel housing system for over 9,000 projects across the residential, commercial and retirement sectors. Pre-cut to simplify and speed up construction, Metrapanel is the robust, durable and energy efficient alternative.


The Metrapanel System is a house building system based on Metrapanel wall, floor and ceiling panels. The design and construction of the remainder of the building, comprising foundation, roof, joinery and cladding's are conventional.

The Metrapanel System was developed to create a frameless interior system which replaces timber-frame and plaster-board. The BRANZ appraisal for Metrapanel was obtained 10 years ago. In addition to BRANZ establishing that the system is structurally sound and durable, the annual BRANZ inspection ensures the processes continue to deliver good quality products that you can rely on.

Projects built using the Metrapanel System are constructed by Licensed Installers throughout New Zealand. Metrapanel is a product produced by LaminexNZ where the panel is made from compressed wood fibre derived from plantation pine, and heat compressed with an exclusively formulated resin. Our re-manufacturing plant then converts the raw board to preprimed Metrapanel after applying two coats of specially formulated Resene sealant.

Metrapanel's engineered 2.45m x 7.35m wood panels means there are fewer sheet joins than would be found under timber-framing and plasterboard systems — the property owner benefits from smooth, strong and durable walls, resulting in extensive cost maintenance savings over time.

"With the combined expertise of LaminexNZ manufacturing, and the Metrapanel passion and vision for building construction, this provides New Zealand with an innovative panel construction system perfect for modular homes."

Richard Pollington, General Manager, Laminex New Zealand

"The combination of Resene Coating Technologies’ wealth of paint and coatings knowledge, and the extensive resources of the Resene Technical and Research & Development team, the opportunities for the Metrapanel system will continuously evolve and add value to the New Zealand construction industry."

John B. Kilby, Business Development, Resene Coating Technologies CBIP-Certified Coatings Inspector, ACA-Certified Corrosion TechnologistASSDA-Stainless Steel Specialist


  • BRANZ Appraisal 364 (2015)
  • Metrapanel buildings take less time to complete and therefore cost less - labour charges are lower, the stopping cost is minimal, finance costs are reduced, and your quote isn’t padded to allow for bad weather days
  • Envirolife plan range that is Lifemark certified and 7/10 Homestar rated
  • Metrapanel product available in three sizes; 36mm walls, 25mm floors and ceilings, and 18mm linings
  • Durability and impact resistance, with 650kg/m3 wall density which can easily achieve a level 5 finish
  • As a self-insulated product, energy efficiency benefits are provided - 28% savings in cooling and 4% saving in heating energy compared to a typical 94mm traditionally framed home
  • Metrapanel Inter-tenancy Wall Design and Construction boasts a FRR 30/30/30 fire resistance rating and STC61 sound insulation, which can achieve a 1S Fire Rating classification for the NZBC and 1 for the NCC upon application of additional specified Resene coating
  • Metrapanel buildings are suitable for all Wind Zones up to and including Very High
  • Speed of construction by up to 40-60%, can achieve a 6-week turnaround for an average 160-180sqm home
  • More floor space can be achieved with the same footprint, providing larger rooms or an extra small room like an ensuite, office or walk-in wardrobe
  • Design flexibility for tailoring the design to individual needs
  • Environmentally conscious recyclable product, with reduced wastage as off cuts can be used for shelving, treds and rises, bath cradles and wardrobe organisers


Metrapanel can be used as a stand-alone product, or complimentary to other systems leveraging a hybrid approach.

The system can be used in the following applications:

  • Residential (including a standard plan range from 55-117m2 smaller scale dwellings to 251m2 for family homes, or up to 317m2 for extra spacious living)
  • Ceilings (including a Working-from-Heights ceiling solution, with Metrapanel ceiling diaphragms that can be up to 12m long)
  • Commercial (including internal office fit outs and partitioning, modular components such as bathrooms for high rise structures and purpose built factories, storage units and two storey apartment complexes using I.T Walls)
  • Retirement (including individual units, duplexes, multi-storey complexes, communal facilities and hospitals)
  • Education (including classrooms, gymnasium, school facilities and student accommodation)
  • Transportables (including minor dwellings, baches, traditional farm style cottages, granny flats, classrooms and subdivided properties). A factory built environment can deliver a 153sqm transportable house in 4-6 weeks