UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our buildings and homes are created to last the test of time, to house our communities for years ahead. Everything built, designed, and planned now is shaping the world we’ll live in decades into the future. This creates a challenge to all involved to work towards a built environment future generations will be proud of, and to build in a way that helps address huge challenges our society faces such as climate change, poverty and the loss of our natural environment.

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals set out a blueprint for a better, more sustainable future with 17 goals to achieve by 2030. That’s not far away and will require swift action if our sector is going to shift and play its part in meeting them. Buildings in the pipeline present an immediate and urgent opportunity to meet some these goals.

Green Star and Homestar both encourage more sustainable design and ways of constructing our spaces. Whether it be embedding efficient renewable energy, reducing waste and emissions, or creating jobs and helping boost the economy – green building through our tools contributes to nine SDGs.

To better understand how Green Star Communities can support the assessment of large scale projects against a holistic set of environmental, social and economic criteria and demonstrate alignment with the UNSDGs click here.

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