Zero carbon buildings

Buildings keep us and our loved ones warm and dry. They provide shelter and sanctuary. They are places where we create lifelong memories and where we create world-leading businesses. We teach our tamariki in buildings and we care for our whanau in buildings.

But our buildings are responsible for significant climate-changing pollution. Emissions from the construction sector have leaped 66% in a decade. The built environment is responsible for approximately 20% of our country's carbon footprint. Constructing and renovating New Zealand buildings pumps out climate-changing pollution equivalent to the emissions from one million cars on the road every year.

Climate change is our greatest challenge. But New Zealand will not achieve the healthier zero carbon future we deserve unless, together, we curtail emissions from the building and construction sector.

That's why we launched the Net Zero Carbon Roadmap for Aotearoa. This roadmap sets out the steps that New Zealand needs to take to get all our buildings zero carbon by 2050 and all new buildings zero carbon by 2030. It's ambitious, and it's essential.

The roadmap also launches a set of tools to allow New Zealand building owners to benchmark their buildings and certify against a net zero carbon standard.

The Zero Carbon Road Map for Aotearoa's Buildings was proudly supported by ArgosyBayleysPrecinctWarren and Mahoney and Resene